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[SNZB3] Adjustable "NO MOTION" duration

What is the feature to implement?

SNZB3 will trigger "NO MOTION" after a 1-minute pass which is quite long. So, I need it to be adjustable

What is the application scenario of such a feature?

I have 2 SNZB3 which are placed in the toilet and bedroom. 

I going to pee in the toilet (shorter than 1 minute) after comeback to the bedroom. PIR in the bedroom still doesn't reset its status. So, I cannot turn off the toilet light with bedroom PIR.  If we can reduce the duration of triggering "NO MOTION", I can peacefully turn off the toilet light.

Note: I don't close the toilet door. So, it cannot use a door sensor.

What is your expectation of this feature request?

There is an option on device setting in the eWelink app that allows me to set the duration to trigger NO MOTION.

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Totally agree it is needed a PRESENCE mode so that we can use the sensor to trigger lights on / off

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