Add your Sonoff devices to your eWeLink account

1. First, download the eWeLink app for Android from Google Play or iOS from App Store and create an account. 

2. Press the Sonoff device’s pairing button for 5-7 seconds until the green LED indicator light fast blinks.


3. Click the “+” option on eWeLink app to add your Sonoff device.


4. Please select the pairing mode. Usually, we choose Quick Pairing Mode (TOUCH). Then click Next.


Note: If the device firmware is 1.6.0 or higher,  please select Quick Pairing Mode (TOUCH).

If the firmware of above models is lower than 1.6.0, please select Compatible Pairing Mode (AP).

5. It will auto-search the network, and then you need to enter your new network name and password.

Note: Your Sonoff device and Google Assistant device need to be connected to the same network.

6. Name the device to complete. Note that the name must be a voice recognized word for Google Assistant, such as an English word “light”.

Set up Google Home Device

1. Download the Google Home mobile app for Android or iOS and set up your Google Home device with your Google account.

2. Please refer to this post from Google.

Note: Make sure the language you select on Google Home is US English, otherwise, it will fail to recognize your commands, fail to sync device status, and fail to recognize your device nicknames. And make sure voice command is in English(US/UK).

Connect Google Assistant with eWeLink

1. Launch Google Home app and tap the menu.


2. Verify that the Google account that is listed is the one you used to set up Google Home. To switch accounts, click the drop-down arrow to the right of the account name

3. Tap Home control.


4. Under Devices, tap the + icon in the bottom right.

5. Tap Smart We Link


6.Enter your eWeLink account email address/phone number, those phone number accounts need to select the right country code. Enter your password and tap Log In.

7. After logging in successfully, it will display all the devices in your eWeLink account. Tap Done on the upper right.

8. Tap GOT IT.


9. In Home control, you'll see all those devices supported by Google Home voice control.

10. All done. Now let's get started to voice control the devices.

"OK Google, turn on the bedroom light."


Add a new eWeLink device

After linking eWeLink with Google Home mobile app, it will automatically display all those supported devices. If you add some new devices to eWeLink later or change the nickname of your devices, the Google Home mobile app doesn't synchronize your new devices and new names. You'll need to unlink “Smart We Link” and link again.

1. Enter Home control through the menu. Under Devices, tap the + icon in the bottom right. You'll see the linked "Smart We Link".

2. Click "Smart We Link", it will prompt Unlink account, tap it.

3. Tap UNLINK.


4. After unlinking successfully, you can find "Smart We Link" in Add New. Tap on it and repeat the linking process. It will synchronize the new devices to the list.

Set nicknames for the devices or assign them to rooms

You can set nick names for the Sonoff devices or assign your Sonoff devices to rooms.

1. Enter Home control through the menu. You'll see the Devices. Tap the exact device you want to set nickname or assign a room for.


2. Enter the device info. You can edit the nickname and assign it to a room.


3. Tap Fan, enter a new nickname, tap OK.


4. Tap Room. Select the name of the room you want to assign to. Then click <- to exit. Done.