Introduction of Sonoff eWeLink working with IFTTT

 IF This Then That (IFTTT) is a third party application which works with SONOFF devices to trigger cases by specific conditions. Sonoff devices seamlessly work with IFTTT. By setting up a connection between “eWeLink Smart Home" service and IFTTT App, you can create your own applets in IFTTT App to establish a trigger and response for Sonoff devices or Apps. 

Here are some typical instance applications:

  • IF a Sonoff device at sunrise is off, Then get instant notification
  • IF a Sonoff device is on, Then send a Twitter or Facebook message
  • IF the room temperature is lower than a specific degrees, Then turn the heater on and send email notification
  • Unlimited possibilities...



The IFTTT is only available for the Advanced and Pro VIP Plan, details refer to below link:



Here is an example case to demonstrate how to set up IFTTT for getting email notification triggered by Sonoff TH10 with Si7021( Temperature and Humidity Sensor ) and heater.

IF temperature is lower than 29 ℃, the heater will turn On automatically, Then send me a email notification.


1. Get Started


  • Sonoff TH10 connects with Si7021 and heater (Refer to TH10 user manual)
  • eWeLink installation, register and login, set up connection with Sonoff TH10 (Refer to Getting Started instruction)
  • IFTTT installation and login


2. IFTTT links with eWeLink

  • Go to IFTTT Search and type in “eWeLink”, you’ll find eWeLink Applets or “eWeLink Smart Home” services. Choose eWeLink Smart Home service as blow shown.


  • Connect eWeLink and Log in your account which you have registered before



3. Set TH0 is On as  IF This trigger and Getting email notification as Then That response

  • Go to My Applets, create a new applet to establish trigger and response between Heater and Email App. Set “ IF This” condition as below.


  • From IFTTT New Applets list, go to “Search services” and type in “eWeLink”, you’ll find “eWwLink Smart Home” service. Select trigger of “ 1 Channel Switch turned on or off”, choose the device name and condition as trigger. (Here we choose TH10 and on )


  • Set “Then That” response of getting email notification when TH10 (or Heater) is on.


  • All above setting completed, an email notification will be received when the heater is on ( room temperature is lower than 29℃)



There are existing eWeLink Applets in IFTTT, you also can use the one matched with your application.