Q1. Is there a fee to link my Echo to my eWeLink system?

No. If you have already purchased an Amazon Echo and you have an eWeLink system, you can link your Echo to your system for no additional cost.

Q2. If I already have an Echo, can I link it to my eWeLink?

Yes, as long as you have a "Works With Alexa" eWeLink device. Please read above tutorial to learn how the link the Echo to your system.

Q3. What features of my system can I control with my Echo?

With Echo, you can turn on/off any electrical devices that connect with our single-channel devices, such as turn your lights on and off. Or you can dim your LED and more.

Q4. My commands are not working, how to solve it?

Please check the following to resolve the issue.
4.1. Make sure you are using a valid command for your eWeLink system.
4.2. Make sure your network works normally.

Q5. Where can I find more information about and support for Echo?

Amazon has detailed support content for every aspect of your Echo here.

Q6. Can I control scenes with Alexa?

No. This feature is not currently supported.

Q7. I searched the "eWeLink Smart Home" skill, but failed to find it. What to do?

Our skill is released globally. Normally, it can be searched in many countries. If failed to search, please inquire the Google side. 

Q8. ewelink works with Sonoff with no problem and can enable the smart link in alexa app. But when i go to discover devices it does not find any ewelink devices? 

It‘s something wrong with the account. Just delete it and start again with a new account.

Q9. Can't find a name as "eWeLink Smart Home Fan" skill?

The "eWeLink Smart Home Fan" skill has been named "eWeLink Smart Home".

Q10. Can I tell alexa to change the speed of the fan?

At present, you can only ask Alexa to control devices ON/OFF. We'll support more in the near future.

Q11. I can't find Skill in my language, why?

Currently, we have skill in US English, UK English, India English, CA English, AU English, German, Japanese and French.

More other languages will be supported in the future.

If you want to use this function. Please go to Setting on your Alexa App. In language, please select English(United States), English(UK), English(India), English(Canada), English(Australia) German, Japanese or French. Then you can search our Skill. As shown below: