1. My Google assistant often misunderstands me when I try to control specific lights. What can I do?

If you experience recognition issues, we recommend that you rename your lights to names which do not include numbers, special characters or colour names since these can be misunderstood by Google assistant.

2. Do I need a Google account to use Google Home?

If your device is not linked to a Google account, Google Home will only work as a speaker. You will not be able to use Google Assistant.

3. Can I connect multiple Google accounts with Google Home?

Today, Google Home supports a single account on the device but you can use multiple accounts with your music services.

4. Why I can't ask Google Assistant to control the Google Nest that has added to eWeLink app?

Sorry, "Smart We Link" doesn't support to control Google Nest currently. You can directly add Nest to Google Home device list and control it.

5. I can't find "Smart We Link", what to do?

Firstly, make sure your area supports the Google Home. If Google Home can't be sold in your countries, maybe Google doesn't provide the service in your country.

Secondly, you'd better log in Google Home App with a Google account that was registered based on America location.

6. The Google home app prompts"Couldn't retrieve the settings. Check your connection."

This is happening when setting up the Google Home on the app. To solve it, please go to setting to select the language "English (US)".

7. I shared my devices with my sister's eWeLink account, she logged in her eWeLink account on Google Home App, but she couldn't find any devices there and so that she can't control any Sonoff devices I shared.  Why?

Sorry, shared devices can't be controlled by Google Home App. Only by binding the devices owner's eWeLink account to the Google Home account will all the Sonoff devices come on the list and be controlled by Google Assistant.

8. Can I get temperature data by asking google home?

Sorry, you can't. You can only ask Google Home to turn on or off your devices.