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How to use a Sonoff Touch Switch to control a Ceiling fan & light

I was using a Sonoff Dual R2 WiFi Switch to control my bedrooms ceiling fan and light, but wanted more. So.

I noticed that Sonoff has Smart Wall Touch Switch WiFi wall switches called the TX Series, and began adding these to single pole/single gang locations around the house. Liked them a lot.  Note: Another version of the TX switch (T2) as a 433 MHz receiver module. These are RF version. I’ll explain the benefit in a minute.

I realized there was a 2 switch (two button) version of the single gang switch. (The call this a 2-gang switch, but that’s a confusing name for it.)

They don’t call this a 2-button switch. They call them 1-gang, 2-gang or 3-gang. But they are only as wide as 1 single pole box. I think this is confusing to most of us. All three of these gang boxes fit in 1 single pole type box. You can’t put two of these switches in a two-side-by-side wide box, because the glass plate is are too wide to mount two side by side.

Maybe I could use these for my ceiling fan/light solution vice the Dual R2?  Howe-v-e-r there’s a problem. My single pole/1-gang box has only one run of Romex, Black/white/ground wire.  Go back and study the way I installed the Dual R2 WiFi switch. It needs two Black, one white, and doesn’t use the ground. I needed one more wire. Since I could get in the attic and had already added two runs of the 22 gauge, I knew I could add more wire. I ran new Romex with black/white/ground.

So, sum it up. I removed the 120-volt 1-gang box and outlet. No longer useful. I removed the Dual R2 switch and wired the house’s original/old Romex back to the fan side of the ceiling fan. It was attached load to black, white to fan/light’s neutral and ground to fan again. I added new Romex running to the light on the ceiling fan.

Wired new Romex black to the light, white to white from the original/old Romex, and ground to old Romex ground.

At the wall switches single gang box, I pulled the original/old Romex, removed the wire nuts and installed the wires to the new Sonoff Touch Switch WiFi two-button switch.  Took the black wire from the new Romex wire and connected it to the second L terminal on the switch.  But I needed to complete the circuit, so connect the two white wires of the old and new Romex together too. This new two-button switch independently runs the fan and the light.

Before you run out and buy any of the Sonoff Touch Switches, absorb this. All the Sonoff Touch Switches are supported by the eWelink app, Alexa/Google Assistant and a manual button.  But there another way, the 433 MHz Control feature in some switches.  The T2 (white) or T3 (black) US version of the TX/T0 Touch Switch also includes the 433 MHz Control feature. What does this mean?  You can buy the Sonoff RM433R2 (8 button) Controller, and control up to 8 different T2/T3 Touch Switches.  You don't have to use all 8 buttons. I use 4.

These controllers cost only about $7.  I bought several. I programmed (takes 15 seconds each) to turn several switches on and off, with a button press. I lay them on the night stand, the living room end tables. With the base, you can stick them to a wall for easy access.

Bottom line:  Buying a Sonoff Touch Switch? But the T2 or T3 versions so you can add RF controllers/remotes later. This gives you four methods to turn the switches on an off; app, voice, manual or RF.  How cool is that?

Incidentally, the RF control features are also built into other Sonoff WiFi switches such as the plug and Basic/Dual units.

Don't forget, because these all support Alexa, you can create routines like Sonoff scenes and control groups of lights with combinations of on and off with your voice.


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