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Online Mahjong Game

Online Mahjong Game is an addictive multiplayer online game in which you compete with other players to be the first player to eliminate all the tiles by matching up pairs of free tiles. Mahjong is an old Chinese game that is still played by people around the world today. However, some players prefer to play online mahjong from their desktop computer, laptop or even from a big-screen television, like an iPad or Android tablets, viewing the game on a huge TV or projection screen. If you have your own big-screen HDTV then you can easily take this game with you anywhere you go. Moreover, you can also chat with other players while playing mahjong game on your big-screen television - a real fun experience!

There are various versions of online mahjong game; you can select the one that suits your taste and needs. Classic Mahjong is one version of this game, where the tiles are arranged in the same way as they are found in a traditional Mahjong game. Free Tiles is another classic version in which you eliminate all the tiles by matching up pairs. And the latest Big Match mahjong is a puzzle game where the player has to think about how to arrange the tiles in matching rows and columns in order to make the best possible placement. There are many more versions available online for you to play.

Traditional Chinese Medicine also considered by many players as the most appealing factor for playing online mahjong game. In traditional chinese medicine the player has to eliminate the bad energy (negative chi) from his body by matching up the good tiles. Online mahjongs provide you with the opportunity to eliminate the negative energy (qi) from your body by using tiles that are appropriate to the problems you are facing. The ancient Chinese medical theory of yin and yang theory is also applied in online games, where you need to eliminate the bad energy (qi) from your body by using healthy tiles, or healthy animals to restore the positive energy (xi).



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