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Add & Activate Food Network GO on Any Device

Before we bring you the troubleshooting tips to fix the Food Network GO app not working issue, we would like you to look closely at the following activation steps. By going through the easy process below, you will learn if you have made any mistakes while accomplishing the activation task.

· Begin the activation process by switching on your device.

· Make sure it is connected to the TV and has the best Internet connection in your area.

· After confirming these, you need to go ahead and access the home screen.

· Use the remote to navigate to the application store and type the app’s name with the help of the virtual keyboard.

· The Food Network GO app should appear on the screen.

· Install it and launch the app to generate an activation code. (Enter the sign-in details if you are asked to do so.)

· Save the code and open another device – a computer, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.

· Your second device should connect to the same Wi-Fi as your streaming platform.

· Launch your favorite web browser and open the enter the code in the desired box.

· Click the Activate button.

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