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SV switch for lighting

I am looking for a switch for 12 volt DC lighting simple on / off.  I would like to use BASICR2 or BASICR3 in line type of a switch.  However it seems that these 2 devices are not made for low voltage.  Is this correct?  I can not find anything that references low voltage DC use for these products.

I have also looked at the SONOFF SV Safe Voltage WiFi Wireless Switch Smart Home Module but I can not find any data on what is the max AMPs.  I will be running close to 10 Amps (Five 20 watt bulbs and one 10 Watt bulb for a total of 110 watts or 9 Amps DC).

I would prefer to use a device that has a outer housing and an in-line switch like the BASICR2 or BASICR3.  Second choice would be the  SONOFF SV Safe Voltage WiFi Wireless Switch if the Amps are high enough and 3rd would be the 4CHPROR3 which will require more complex wiring vs an in-line switch but it can be done.  I need 4 switches and the 4CHPROR3 states that each channel handles up to 10 amps for a total of 40 amps max across the board.

FYI: The project is to switch on 12 volt landscape lights in 4 different areas (Zones) thus the 4 switches I need.  They are already installed so cutting the wire that feeds each zone and connecting in-line would be easiest.

Any other suggestions on products will be great and thanks for the advice and the answers to the above questions.

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