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TH10/TH16 Temperature/Humidity data output for statistic graphing & IFTTT Alexa Home integrations

Please add data posting for statistic tracking, graphing for spreadsheets (google sheets, excel, etc) usage.


To be able to track at granular intervals - daily, hourly, 15 minute, minute intervals - would be a huge help in control analysis & operations in agriculture & aquaculture, as well as HVAC and mechanical operations that have temperature dependencies.

Additionally, output data would also enable users to integrate scripting to Alexa routines, IFTTT ladder logic functions & Google Home controls functionality, making the TH10 & TH16 very attractive for automation in both service & home automations.

It is something already enabled by Shelly with their TH sensor.


However, your ability to have an external probe - waterproof! temperature or Humidity - is more desirable.

Please add this capability, searching the web there is great desire for this feature with your TH series product.
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