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ZBMINI trigger modes

Sonoff mini has a nice set of trigger modes, specifically i need the follow mode for my switches to work well. Is the same functionality possible with zbmini?

As far as I can see, the functionality of the Zigbee Mini is the same as the WiFi version of the Mini.

The difference obviously is the radio protocol, i.e. Zigbee mesh or WiFi.

Are you using the eWeLink application on a phone or justt using it in manual mode?

I don't use Sonoff Zigbee, but I do have a Zigbee network set up.

Zigbee networks always need a coordinator or hub to work.


I'm not sure the functionality is exactly the same - it's only mentioned for the Mini, and only from a specific version of firmware. I guess you don't see the option if you connect to your zigbees in ewelink, or do you?

I'm currently using it with zigbee2mqtt as a coordinator, and I can't find the option.

Will try it in eWelink, waiting for a Sonoff coordinator to arrive in mail.

When I say functionality, I mean the way it operates as a two-way switch.

You say you use it as a follow mode switch.

Can you clarify?

A two-way switch or wiring operates so that you can switch a lamp from two locations, say at the top and bottom of a flight of stairs.

It can them be made more complicated by adding a second flight of stairs, so you have three places to switch the lamp.

It still uses two-way switch wiring, but you have to have a switch in the middle which is called an intermediate switch and this arrangement is sometimes called "follow me lighting".

What you need to do is compare the wiring diagrams for both types of Mini.

If they are the same, then the switch functionality is the same.

What I can't do is help you with Zigbee because I use a version that works with XBee radios from Digi International, not to be confused with DigiKey.

PS If you use Chrome Browser and search Sonoff Mini, there is a video that compares both the WiFi Mini and the Zigbee Mini, by someone called something like No More tech or similar - Sonoff Mini twins.

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