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Creating a new waveform for medical ventilator in nextion !!.

Hello. We are a manufacturer of medical ventilators. We decide to use nextion LCD in our products.
We just add two new features to your toolbox. one medical Waveform and one circular bar.

 All medical equipment and ventilators need the mentioned waveform (and a circular bar). !!The current normal waveform does not work in medical devices!

These two options are required for all medical devices.

Please check the attached and add them to  nextion Editor.
This update can increase your sales.

A ventilator manufacturer

(4.67 MB)

pls check images

(134 KB)

 sory for bad quality. i upload new  images ...

(201 KB)

 I sent the photos in great quality ... I do not understand !. Anyway.

Can you add this type of waveform to your nextion editor software??

I can send my code to the admin.

best regards

As you can see: in the medical ventilator waveform, the waveform moves once from the left to the right and ater stops. Then the new signal is slowly replaced by the previous signal.
But in the normal waveform of your nextion screen, it acts like an oscilloscope screen and continuously. And can not be used in medical equipment

I was able to create a new waveform (for the ventilator) by writing the code !

. But it is better to you add this new waveform (and circular bar )in the nextion software by default


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