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Power On State for ZBMINI

I just replaced a sonoff basic for a mini zigbee and found that I cant change the power on state. With my sonoff basic I could use the wall switch if for some reason wifi is down, but with the zbmini  I cant. It stays off even if you turn off/on the wall switch. Is there a way to change the default behaviour and make it turn on when the power is restored? Thanks in advance!

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I agrree with Christian!

I have both Sonoff mini and zbmini. With the wifi version and power on state configured I can turn on/off the lights with the rocker switch, but I can't with zbmini because the power on state function is not supported.

I would like to understand if you will implement it in the firmware or if it is a zigbee limitation (and it will never work this way).

Thank you

Did this ever get resolved?

At least ITEAD should answer to clarify if it's a protocol or firmware  limitation ...

When the zbmini powers on, it is by default set to off. This is frustrating if there is a power cut. Or if you want to  toggle the power state ...

Whenever there is a power outage, they turn off after power gets restored. Is there a way to restore their last states? It is strange because ...

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