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Click Here To Enter My Tv Code
Click Here To Enter My Tv Code
Click Here To Enter My Tv Code
Click Here To Enter My Tv Code

Click Here To Enter My Tv Code

How To Enter Code on follow the steps: –

Switch on the device and make sure it is connected to the internet.
Go to the application or channel store and search for Amazon Prime Video channel or application.
Once you found Amazon Prime Video add it as a channel or install it in the device.
After installation, launch the application and sign in to your Amazon Prime Video account. If you are new to amazon prime video then click on “create an account”.
After login, a new screen will appear in from of you with a verification or activation code of the device. This code is unique, this means for different devices you need different codes.
Now use a device connected with the internet such as mobile or computer and open using a browser.
Here login to your Amazon accounts or create an account if you are new.
After login, you will be asked for the activation code. Enter the activation code of the device and click on the “Verify my device” button.
The best habit to watch Prime video on speaking your device is to register your device at AMAZON.COM/MYTV. This will serve you to watch your Prime Video shows and movies regarding the order of your favorite device as ably as at your preferred period. Amazon Prime Video is now easy to use for altogether the devices which are eligible for accessing it. increased the list of their eligible devices due to the heavy demand of the Prime video users. To watch Prime Video in con to speaking your device you must have an account regarding the device and as well as you must have the subscription.
Steps to Activate Amazon Prime Video on Roku
Switch on your Roku and go to the “Roku channel store”.
On the Roku channel store look for “Amazon Prime Video” and add it as a channel.
Launch Amazon prime video and sign in to your account.
Here you will get a device verification code. You need this code to verify the device on

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How to reinstall windows store

reinstall windows store in you pc start powershell as administrator type powershell in the search bar just right click the powershell and run as administrator. Than you can uninstall and reinstall windows store.




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