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6 Strategies To Solve The ACT Math Problems Quickly

The ACT math test is not an easy exam to crack. In the early stage of ACT math test preparation, students often search for someone to “solve my math problem”, but as their exams come near, they search for strategies to solve the ACT math problems.


Ask a math essay typer, and he will tell you that an ACT math test has six categories of math to solve in sixty minutes. It includes Pre-Algebra, Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Coordinate Geometry, Plane Geometry and Trigonometry. 


Students will be sub scored three times with twenty-four questions based on Pre-Algebra/Elementary Algebra, 18 questions on Intermediate Algebra/Coordinate Geometry and 18 questions based on Plane Geometry/Trigonometry. Easy, basic and straight forward questions will be based on Algebra, Coordinate Geometry, Plane Geometry or Trigonometry, while word or story problems may be tricky. You can easily get write my essay services.


You may need to set up the problem by yourself, figure out what the problem is asking you to do and then look for ways to solve it. You may take the help of a paraphrasing tool to increase your efficiency.




1. Increase your speed

You only have one minute to answer a question. So, speed is necessary for success.


2. Easy problems first

Solve the easy problems first, and then move to the harder ones.


3. Answer all questions

Irrespective of the fact that you may not know the answer to a problem try to answer all of them. Even if you make a pure guess, you will have a twenty per cent chance of answering it correctly. There is no negative marking for guessing an answer. However, try to answer correctly as many questions as possible.


4. Carefully read the problem

Some questions have the answering option of “cannot be determined from the given information”. Please do not click on this section, assuming that it is the answer for the question unless you have cross-checked the question and answer and made sure that none of the other options is the possible answer.


5. Take help of infographics

Use pictures or sketches and marks on the figures to clearly understand the dimensions, perpendiculars, diagonals, or the relationship between them.


6. Make a sensible answer

Make a sensible answer to the questions. Do not consider the hypotenuse to be the height of the triangle, or choose a solution for the oranges that should be the apples.


To sum up, the simple strategies mentioned above will hopefully help you practice and answer the ACT math test easily and quickly.

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