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Sunrise /Sunset feature Ewelink is missing important functionality

Is it correct that the Ewelink sunrise/sunset feature in Ewelink can only send 1 trigger when at the precise time (locally) sunrise starts and when sunset starts? It looks like the following is not possible currently in Ewelink with the Scene and Sunrise/Sunset functionalities: IF motion is detected (with a Sonoff motion sensor) AND the local time is later THAN Sunset (time) and before Sunrise (time), then switch on a light. And when the time is between Sunrise and Sunset, ensure the light is always off. This feature is standard for any standard hardwired (110/220v) outdoor PIR sensor you can buy in many shops to use for switching on/off garden lights. Looks like Ewelink’s Sunrise/Sunset feature is not able to do that, is that correct?
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