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SONOFF SNZB-01 Alexa Pairing

The button needs to be able to pair with alexa/google just like the motion sensor. 

It would be way more useful if it was able to pair with alexa/google through the bridge like the motion sensor is able to.

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I think all ZB components should be able to pair with Alexa  and create routines  not only status.

it is hot requested feature  in the market. Once you have it - you be NO#1 in the Smart home IOT industry. 

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100% agree.

Access with SNZB-01 required.

Using SNZB-03 Motion Sensor - this currently displays in Amazon as a Trigger item "Motion ON" allowing Alexa 'Routines' to be configured from here to operate other items.

The SNZB-01 Switch doesn't show up in Alexa.  

Using this with the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge.

Best Case Option. A single Item showing up with the 3 behaviours to chose as triggers.  Single Click, Double Click, LongPress.

Alternativly just Single/Double acting as 'On/Off' behaviour would provide improved behaviour.

Or even a worst case '3' devices for each action?

Integrating beyond the Sonoff eco-system would extend the use of these devices massively. 

Currently the Sonoff sytem will prove to be expensive.

eWeLink IFTTT integration £7.50GBP per year  - this only provides access to the IFTTT integration with very poor /useless applets available. And none for dual service behaviour.

IFTTT  £4.30GBP per MONTH, to allow for custom applet designs where you can integrate  the eWeLink service with other devices and even external service devices.

Using this approach I was able to operate a "Smart Life/ LampUX" bulb and a "Lifx Bulk" using your button.

However, this actually used all 3 'free' applets and will require a subscription to get any use out of the other switches purchased.

So ALEXA please!

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 It`s really frustrating that snzb-01 is not detected in alexa even using the ZBBridge. I`ve got it displayed in alexa using 4th gen echo, but it only showed disconnected state. Please fix this!!

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