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Sonoff model request.

I use sonoff to control many devices in my house and enjoy it very much.

I would like to request a new model that is a combination of existing features.
I would like a model that:

  1. Connects to 220V AC  (like most sonoffs)
  2. Controls external LEDs (one color).
  3. Allows dimming the LEDs.
  4. Accepts an input from a light switch (preferably live 230V, but could be low voltage like pins S1,S2 of sonoff mini)

This would fit my scenario perfect:
I have big LED based ceiling lamps, that contain a LED driver that's roughly the same size as a sonoff basic, and have enough place for another one.
I currently have sonoffs switching them on and off.
Would be so much nicer to be able to dim.

Thank you.

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