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Cancle execution of the Scene

 This is one example that this feature would be necessary in.

The air conditioner is connected via sonoff POW. All the windows and the entry door in the apartment have SNZB-04 magnetic sensor. 

I want the ability to constant tenants to not be able to have air condition ON when the window or door is opened.

This feature can be easily done via Scene.

Main problem is that this feature is triggered instant. I want the ability to time out switching OFF air conditioner for certain time and cancel execution of switching OFF in that period if doors or windows are closed because if someone opens the main door to enter of exit the apartment for a few seconds that is not considered wasting of energy. In other hand if someone opens  the door and keeps it opened for longer period of time that is considered as wasting energy.

I tried creating two Scenes one for open and one for close. 

At Scene for open I added 10s delay and switch off for Air Conditioner and that's working fine.

At Scene for close I added disabling scene option to Door open and switching on the Air Condition, then enable switching off scene.

Problem is here that Disabling scene does not cancel the execution of the scene and if scene is triggered disabling it with other scene will not cancel delay and the switch. 

Please add the ability to cancel execution of other scene. 

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