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TH16R2 in IFTTT didn’t seem like it was working

sonoff mini set name "test 1” Current version 3.6.0 FW Neme PSF-BD1-GL 

Sonoff TH16R2 name "Master Shower Hum”  Current version 3.4.1 FW Neme PSA-BHA-GL

IFTTT setup 

The trigger fires when eWeLink Support 1-Channel Switch Test 1  turned off.
query returns a list of when the humidity “Master Bath Hum goes below 50%. Then the action will turn eWeLink Support 1-Channel Switch "Master Bath Hum” on.

I assume the trigger, “Test 1”, will not do anything as long as the humidity is below 50%, however, when I tested the setup, statement 2 didn’t seem like it was working. "Test 1" was still triggering eWeLink Support 1-Channel Switch "Master Bath Hum despite the humidity being above 50%.

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