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[ZBMINI] Mode to detach input from output

I'd like the ability to use the ZBMINI in a mode which exposes the input and outputs separately, with the switch not automatically triggering the output. My ZBMINI hasn't arrived yet but from what I understand, only the status of the relay output is exposed and the switch input just operates the relay directly.

For my specific scenario, I'd like to use it with Zigbee2MQTT ( but the ZBMINI only appears to expose the setting and getting of the switch (Relay) status and nothing for the input. I'd like to install these in a set of outdoor lights where I want to connect PIRs to the inputs and process these events in Node-RED before controlling the outputs. (I'd like some of the lights to be controlled by multiple PIRs - The lights and PIRs are already installed so I'd like to use the existing hardware)

I've seen a few other requests for this functionality online so it appears that I'm not alone. I would have just installed the custom Zigbee firmware ( but sadly the new ZBMINI isn't supported as it doesn't use the CC2530.



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I agree, this is an important feature to have. The input should only be directly linked to the output if no hub is connected. In my use case I want to use the zbmini to control already smart lights (using a standard switch, so zbmini). When turning off the switch now, the zbmini cuts power to the smart light immediately, even if connected to a smart hub that might want to do something else (like turn off smart lights directly so they still remain connected to the hub). Only if the hub can't be contacted would I want the zbmini to fall back and just turn off the local output immediately. My workaround for now is for the hub to turn the zbmini back on whenever it's turned off, then turn off the smart lights directly. This results in an annoying flicker, which I'd love to get rid of. Another option I considered was just not connecting the LIn and LOut to the zbmini and just hard wiring them together, but then the lights would always be on if the hub were down and I would need to cut power at the breaker just to change a lightbulb safely. The Shelly 1 appears to have this feature (, but I like the zbmini much more otherwise and would prefer not to have to switch.
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