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Desperately need a light meter

not necessarily feature request here. it's more like a new hardware request. i would also like someone to let me know if the following can be done with current hardware (which i doubt) i really miss a light meter on sonoff eco system. light meter will make my scenes way smarter. For example, i have setup a scene to turn on/off lights based on door sensor and motion sensor in my house, on one of the rooms. i enable the scene based on time of day so it doesn't turn on lights at the middle of a sunny day. but, there are some rainy days, the light should be working as it's dark outside. a light meter (zigbee maybe) can be very useful here as i can just add another condition to turn on lights based on certain lux threshold. i also want to setup some path lights that illuminate way when someone goes to bathroom at night. light meter is a must here, as people rarely go to bed at the same time everyday.
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