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Connectin Sonoff (ewelink) to Tuya (Smart life)

Hi everyone! I have one problem. All my switches of light, blinds and other equipment are on Ewelink. Home Alarm is on Tuya. So, i wanted to create a scene that in case of alarm the lights in the house will turn on. So, do you know how to connect equipment from sonoff to tuya? I could  make just  one thing. I put a socked that work on tuya to turn on when alarm is activated, then in this socked i put Sonoff Basic Smart Switch with the scene when it is on, the light in the house will turn on. The big problem is how to automatized to turn off after alarm will stop. I tried different way, but could not. Plese help me. Maybe there is a simple way.

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Just experimenting with “the home remote” PC app, but they also have phone apps. The symbol is a power sign in a house. It connects to both Sonoff and Smart Life. Creating their equivalent to scenes appears to be a paid extra & then you need a PC to design them on as well as something local to run them on though. An alternative would be to for their IFTTT subscription. I think the free IFTTT account allows rare runs of a small number of connections.
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