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BASIC R3 DIY mode - no access to change wifi settings.

I recently got a BASIC R3 and I want to use it exclusively without the cloud.

The device creates the WLAN "ITEAD-xxxxx", I can connect to it with pwd "12345678" and also find the device with ip (my laptop get's as IP).

nmap shows port 80 open, I even can connect to it. works, I get a response with json values deviceid, apikey, accept (POST) and chipid.

But the mainpage at takes forever to load in firefox or chrome.

So I'm never able to change the WLAN config for the device to enter my home-wifi..

Does anyone know, what could be the problem here?

thx and greetings


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Hello! Do you solved your problem? Why it happens? And if you solved, pleasy tell how you fixed this. I have the same issue

Sorry, didn't work it out yet, that's why I posted here - if you get a response on your ticket (I have one, too), let me know here :)

Update: I connected the switch to the ewelink app first, firmware was 3.3, so I updated to 3.6.

After that, everything works perfectly in DIY mode and the webserver is accessible.

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