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Change state of TH with scene

You’ve recently implemented the use of TH switching as a trigger for scenes. Why not allow them to be used as effectors too? You can do this via IFTTT I think already, but I’m about to rewrite a couple of switches from TH to Mini for this function.

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Just looking at this myself. A quick browse here has me wondering if sonoff offer this feature via a subscription service? I hope not. I'd find another way to do it!
It’s bizarrely been offered in one direction but not the other. If you had their subscription and the IFTTT subscription you could do it. Generally found the mini R2 to better. Cheaper. All functions in scenes. DIY mode built in. Smaller. Easier to wire. Just don’t have the sensor. There is a connector for external switches that I think could be connected to a digital temperature probe with alternative firmware but I’ve not seen it done yet.
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