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How to post a long video on Instagram?

What is more effective? A video message or a pictorial message? I think videos are more effective when you are an influencer or a celebrity. Instagram has become a 4th top application for sharing pictures and videos. First, Insta introduced the story option, then it allowed highlights on the profile, you can post photos and videos on your IG account, its vanishing mode, new stickers, and many more updates are on the way.

Many people love to share long videos on Insta but they don't know how to do that! But IGTV video option is an available option for you. 

How To Post Long IGTV Video?

Follow the quick and simple process to post longer IGTv videos:

Visit your Insta profile and click the plus icon on the top right side. There you will see an option of IGTV video, tap it. Now you can see a category of long videos from your gallery. You also have other options to select videos from different folders. Add a video and, select a title and description and post that video.

Moreover, to make your IGTV channel you can also install an application standalone IGTV app. This is compatible with both android and iOs. This app can be linked with your Insta and you have to sign in with the IG credentials. Once you installed it, follow the process and you can upload the videos. 

How Long IGTV Video Should Be?

You can post your IGTV video from 1o minutes to 60 minutes long. It is expected that in future, there will be no time limit. Otherwise, you can post 60 seconds long in-feed video. 

Although you can save IGTV video but to save Insta short videos, you can use Instagram video ripper or Insta video downloader. These are free tools and provide you HD quality results. Plus, you can use them anonymously. 

Feel free to share your queries with us and if this information useful for you, tell us in the comments section below.


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