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When should you utilize a direct quotation?

Direct quotations are words and phrases taken directly from another source and used word for word in a paper. If you incorporate a direct quote from another author's text, you must put that quotation or phrase in quotation marks to specify that it is not your language.

When writing papers that need outside source material, it is often alluring to cite only direct quotes from your sources. If this is the only way of citation you choose, your paper will become nothing more than a series of quotations connected by a few linked words. Your paper will seem to be an assemblage of others' thoughts and will include little thinking on your part. If you need useful vocabulary for your quotes, you can get help from the professional of Assignment writing service.


Now, to restrain falling into this trap, follow a few simple tips:


§ Stop using long quotations merely as space-fillers. The overuse of long quotes gives the reader the impression that you are not thinking for yourself.

§ Try utilizing paraphrases for the direct quotations. To give a hint to the reader that you know the meaning behind the quote 


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