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How to Download Private Videos from Instagram?

Instagram video posts got much popularity in recent years especially after Instagram introduced its IGTV feature.  Basically, our creative content creators, vloggers, entrepreneurs, marketers use Instagram for a very positive purpose as they are bringing a change in the society with their informative content, entertain audiences, marketing makes online shopping convenient, and much more. Thanks to an Instagram photo, video, and story features. 

But now most people are asking about downloading private IG videos. How is it possible? You can easily download public account videos as Igtv video has a download option and other videos you can save in your gadget with help of third-party applications and web tools. What about private videos? Usually, people prefer screen recording and it compromises the quality of the video. But don't worry I have a solution for that too. 

Download Private Videos via Aloinstagram

There are many web tools and one of the most favorable is Aloinstagram and which a private video downloader is. You must be aware of the fact that only the followers 0f the private account can view the private videos, photos, and stories. To download Private videos all you need a page source and s URL of that private video. 

Open your IG account, copy the URL, and then open the Aloinstagram in your browser. Paste the URL in the space bar and the page source will be generated. Copy and paste in the new tab and you will see a code, copy that and paste it into the last bar of this web tool. Hit the download adoption and boom you will get the video on your device. 

Wrap It Up!

So this is the process to download private IG videos. Although it is illegal if your intentions are not bad then you can use these web tools to download the video.  It is also good if you take permission from the owner of that video and don't misuse it by posting it with your name. 

I hope you will understand the possible way to get a video. You can also share your concern switch us in the comment section below.

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