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After App update WIFI Door Sensors are Offline



I have the following problem: Since yesterday's update of the Ewelink app, my 4 WIFI door sensors are offline. i tried to pair them again, that works without any problems afterwards but stay offline, i tried to do this via a hotspot of a smartphone, but the sensors stayed offline afterwards. Since nothing has changed in my router configuration or firmware since yesterday, I rule out that all 4 sensors are defective at the same time, only the update or server changes that went along with it remains



the manufacturer should be allbeai, the FW name OPL-DMA-GL


I hope who can help me to get it back online

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Same here. 3 sensors are out. Same firmware OPL-DMA-GL.

Looks like it connects to the wifi but the app show this as offline.

Same here with the same FW!

Looks like it connects to the network but the app cannot find it

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same problem here

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