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Sonoff S20 only works on phone hotspot.

I just bought a Sonoff S20.

It came with 1.6.0 firmware.

I was unable to pair it (won't even see the device)

I tried both pairing methods. Quick (intermitent led flashing) and legacy (continuous led flashing).

I used two different routers. 

I disabled firewalls and 5G on routers.

I disabled mobile connection on phone and even tried in airplane mode.

Password is simple, no special characters, only letters and numbers. 

It only worked when I made a hotspot from another phone. I also updated the firmware from 1.6.0 to 3.5.0 thinking it will work then on my network. 

The ssid and pass I used for hotspot are the same I use for my router's 2.4ghz network but when I turn off the hotspot and turn on the router, it does not connect through router (keeps blinking slowly)

I'm out of ideas. Suggestion ?

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