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I'm thinking to remove my old WIRED alarm and turn it on WIFI and WIRELESS due to wrong alarms and to be able to turn it off remotely.

I have 3 external and expensive sensors with beams and I do not want to remove them and I also have 3 radar sensors pet friendly of good quality inside.

The idea starts with taking a bridge and doing the project and taking advantage of at least all 3 external beam sensors by making them wireless wifi.

So I am thinking of giving 12V directly to my 6 sensors that so far are given by the alarm board and the cables that return from the sensors -to the board- to connect them in a circuit with 6 wifi switches or sensors that will communicate with a bridge. So when the old sensor is triggered, it will open the circuit with the new sensor-switch that will actually remain closed but thinking that it is open will give the command. From there I can put a siren and my alarm is ready. What do you say ? Any idea with what switch or sensor or bridge to do it?

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