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Loop timer end time

Hello, Loop timer is a very great feature, but it needs to have an end time. Currently I can set a start time for a Loop timer, but I cannot set when it ends. For example, I am using a shoes heater/dryer and I want it to be ON for 15min, then to be OFF for 10min. I want it to start working at 8pm when my kids are back home and want their shoes to dry, and stop working at 2am when the shoes are finally dry. Thanks!

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what is needed is to have a schedule on the loop timer; the loop timer works between <start time> and <end time>

at present it is a "dumb timer" only, and you need to stop it manually when not needed.

loop timer and temperature control (on TH10/TH16) should be under schedule, so that room temperature will be controlled between <start time> and <end time>, and similarly loop timer (e.g. for fan) should also work in office hours only.

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