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Sonoff TH10 doesn't work

I have purchased a Sonoff TH10, installed according to instructions,  software was installed on my phone without issues, device was successfully detected and paired , wireless part works good, red LED  on the device turns ON and OFF every time I push the button on the phone, but device don't disconnect load,  input and output  port remain connected, I have noticed that everytime the device turns on and off using my phone I can hear a click inside the TH10, I assume it is produced by the small relay inside the TH10, but I do not understand why the  input and output ports remain connected.

Let me tell you the TH10 uses a temperature sensor, but I did not purchased the sensor, I only bought the TH10,  does this will have something to do with the malfunction of the device.

Thank you  

This has now happened exactly to me as well, device syncs (resynced device as part of troubleshooting) it produces the on/off sound, red led switched on/off, powered it on/off... devices is always on, no matter what I do. What can we do here to reset device?

Сенсор на выключателе не даёт сигнал на включение, индикатор wi-fi горит постоянно или не горит, удерживая палец на сенсоре выключатель издает один сигнал, продолжая удерживать издает два сигнала. Выключатель заблокирован? Два выключателя работают, а два заблокированы.
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