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Web Development Tutorial

HTML Tutorial : HTML is a markup language i.e. it is a way for the computers to communicate with each other.. used to design web pages using html tags..There are different tags, from where You can create different unique structure of a website. HTML code tag is used to represent computer code on your web page or website. This html element used to insert lines of computer program code. Some of Tags are given below:

html input type | unordered list html | video tag | html video tag | html5 video | marquee html | html input types | html audio tag

CSS Tutorial : CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet (css style sheet). It is used to give a stylistic, beautiful and attractive look and formatting to a webpage. It is used with HTML elements to give the webpage an attractive look and feel and can also be used with XML documents including plain XML, SVG, and XUL. css drop shadow | css syntax | css opacity

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