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RF PIR lIght control

 Wonder if anyone has come up with a solution for this?

I have an RF PIR that I use to trigger a light in my dressing room (via IFTTT) - smart life bulb, which I set to turn off after 5 minutes, it works fine as I have the Bridge linked to switch that only comes on at sunset and goes off at sunrise.

My problem is, the PIR triggers multiple times and tells the bulb to turn on even if is already on - not an issues, but each time it sets the off event and I get a queue of off events.

After 5 minutes the light goes off, triggered from the 1st event that turned it on - correct and what I wanted, but if I'm still in the room, movement turns it back on - correct, what I want,  but off events from movement in the 1st 5 minute cycle are waiting to be processed which then turns the bulb off, that off event is often  seconds after the light has correctly come back on.

Any smart ideas?

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