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**Read Before Post** Feature Request Community Posting Rules

Welcome to SONOFF Feature Request community, thanks for all your advices of SONOFF product.

From now on, the SONOFF product team members will engage as admin to hear your voice and evaluate your feature requests.

For the futher well understanding to your feature request, please follow below rules before you submit any feature request posting.


- The "Topic Name" of the posting should include product model and the feature request brief description.

[Product Model] feature request title

PS: if your feature request is related to all SONOFF product, then the [Product Model] can be written as [All models], if it is related to eWeLink APP only, write it as [eWeLink].

For instance:

[MINI] S1/S2 is applicable to push button switch type


- In the "Message" of the posting, the detailed feature request description is needed.

You may clearly answer below questions to specify the feature request:

What is the feature you would like to impletement?

What is the application scenario of such feature?

What is your expectation of this feature request?

The more detailed info you specify, the deeper understanding of your request will be realized.

Any topic which is irrelevant feature request will be removed or transferred to proper section of the community.

No commercial links or advertisements without prior approval by admin are allowed.

SONOFF product team

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