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Please provide an explanation for service outage

There are multiple threads referring to scenes not working. This is now restored. 

Looking back this is not the first item that this has happened.

There seems to be a view that if you ignore it then it never happened. 

Sonoff is claver and flexible ( more local control would be nice) and delivers smart home at an affordable price. Many of us are now heavily vested in this system. My house has 70 units which are all controlled mostly automatically by scenes. This includes a swimming pool.

You can't just have long outages and offer no explanation. The last major ( for me) issue was that you could not edit temperature on the temp controllers. Again no explanation.

Please provide details of what is happening in real time on your web site or social media. You have millions of devices in circulation and they all have one point of failure - and that is your server. 


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