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Service of installing a quality nebulizer in Ho Chi Minh City, bringing a cool, fresh space, attracting customers to restaurant and cafe owners. Hoang Oanh nebulizer company specializes in providing wholesale and retail nebulizers for mist spraying nationwide. Installing high-pressure copper pipe mist and mist spray system in place in Saigon and many neighboring provinces.

Quality nebulizer installation service can:

- Users just need to go to Google, Facebook or Coc Coc to search very easily to find reputable and quality nebulizers.

- Fast space cooling from 5-7 * C only takes about a short time.

- Create a highlight that attracts all eyes when passing in front of the front of the restaurant.

- Preventing dust from outside from entering the shop space.

- Provides moisture to dispel the unpleasant dry air.

Benefit from nebulizer installation services

- Cooling outdoor space or even inside for copper tube high pressure nebulizer.

- Provide the necessary humidity for the shop, as well as mushrooms or in the storage of vegetables, tubers and fruits.

- For mushroom growers, the nebulizer saves them time, effort and labor, but the efficiency is always outstanding.

- The system of automatic nebulizers for orchids helps to replace the players who care and bathe the plants according to the player's wishes.

- Dumping dust in industrial parks, ore-producing zones, and handicraft factories.

The fogging service is one of the cooling methods that use a nebulizer to spray water at high pressure, through specially crafted nebulizers to create a multitude of fine mist particles. They have a quick cooling effect and provide moisture up to 85%.

If you have a need to install may phun suong, you should calculate and measure your space accurately and refer to the price list for the above nebulizer installation service and choose the nebulizer sets corresponding to the space and bag. my money.

What are you waiting for, open the phone and save the number 0907 853 968 or call right away for details.


With the purchase of a sprayer, I would recommend you to buy a pump pump. A good pump is a reasonable investment that can serve you for many years, protecting your property.

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