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scenes not working

my scenes are not working at all today .

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Same issue also for me in Italy, scenes are not working, they are not visible in the app and it is not possible to add a new one

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All scene SL not working on over 70 devices. My whole house runs on this. You need to fix ASAP please

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They had to come with a solution to store scenes locally and issues like that will never be a problem

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Same problem in the Netherlands.
Confirm, not working in Romania. I was happy user last one month, until Today.
Same issue in france & I can't create new scene : error occur when I want to save it.

Same in France


Same in Netherlands. Hope they resolve very fast....

They need to solve this really very fast. I rely on scenes a lot in my home.

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Same in Italy, someone fixed this?
Same in Poland. All scenes deleted, and cant add new. Fix this ASAP

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Same in Spain
Same in Spain too
Same thing here. All scenes deleted, and no possibility to save new ones. Total mess,please fix ASAP,
Same here. Cant add anything, non of scenes working. Bad bad, after lot of money spent on zigbee today I started to think it was bad idea...
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