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SNZB-02 too high humidity

Dear all, I have two zigbee temperature and humidity sensors. Both of them show humidity higher than the real value. The real value is around 60% when one shows 73% and another 79%. Any ideas if I can calibrate them? Thanks Bartek

Hola, también tengo problemas con Sonoff zigbee, tengo un puente sonoff zigbee y 3 sensores de temperatura sonoff SNZB-02, todos están cerca del puente, pero las lecturas de temperatura no son confiables, su actualización es lenta y se desconectan con mucho Suelo usarlo con la app ewelink y todo está actualizado a la última versión disponible, sinceramente estoy bastante molesto con esto, es evidente que el producto tiene problemas de software y llevamos mucho tiempo esperando una solución pero los tiene no llega.

I have 5x SNZB-02 where I put 4 in the loft (cold loft) to compare as to ensure I had sufficient air flow to maintain relative humidity values. Readings between 63-93% where the temperature where all in sync. I took a Oregon Scientific weather station which I have calibrated (compared against) a weather enthusiasts kit which states 64%. So I have opted to leave the 63% sensor up there and will frequently compare to the Oregon. I was so excited to see such a device as every other device appears to be combined radiator valve sensor which I don't want, but I am very disappointed with their performance.

I have same experience, SNZB-02 usually gives humidity +10/12 above other devices.

Temperature is ok.

Is this the normal behavior?


3 devices sitting side by side on a counter. Temp readings are - 12.2, 19.3, 23.1. 

Humidity readings are - 6.9%, 72.1%, 74.9%


Very , very disapoointing.

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