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Zigbee SNZ-02 problems

The thermometer shows the temperature with an accuracy of one tenth. Why can't we use that in scenes. We can only use full celsius degree. I need more accuracy in scenes.

I have the impression that when the temperature rises slowly, the SNZ-02 refreshes itself once every 20 minutes. It shows fe. 21.1 for half an hour then 21.9. It newer indicates 21.1, 21.2, 21.3 ......22,9

Because of that some scenes with SNZ02 doesn't work properly.

By the way, duration time in scenes doesn't work properly!!!

3 people have this problem

I have the same problem with setting the temperature in scenes.

Zigbee SNZ-02 problems

works ok in 24 hour mode

defined time will not execute the output

duration time in scenes doesn't work properly!!!

Zigbee temperature timing issue
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