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DW2 Pairing Questions

I have new DW2 units I'm testing but they will not Pair. I have tested with different 2.4ghz access point brands (Unifi & Netgear), different networks, IOS eWelink and Android eWelink.   The Bluetooth device ID appears, but fails to pair after wifi SSID and password are entered. Pairing fail. 


Additionally, my primary WLAN SSID, having all of other Sonoff devices is not shown in the pairing screen as an available network. I have tried entering it manually with same results.

I have tried Everything I have read about 802.11/b, Chan 6, UN/PW syntax, and more, still no pairing.

Has anyone else experienced this? Has anyone else been able to successfully pair DW2 units?

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Same here. Bluetooth can see, but no pairing. Also compatible mode or quick pairing failed. Only in bluetooth mode i am able to see the device, but no pairing posssible(error)
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