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EWeLink IOS App - Scenes deleted

I am running EWeLink 4.4.0 and all my scenes have gone.

I logged out and rebooted device, logging back in and still gone.

Trying to add a scene, error appears when trying to save the name of the scene. Seems like debase is stuffed on server end. Please confirm and check

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The same happened to me today. I have more than a 100 scenes. And get an error message when I want to create a new scene. Same as above

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It just happened to me too. Was your issue fixed? Cheers

Same for me !


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Also cannot create a new one. Does anyone know if they are working in it? This is bad. My whole house relly on this.

Scenes spontaan verdwenen. Ook geen nieuwe aan te maken.. (Melding: Mislukt. Probeer opnieuw)  (v 4.5.1)

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Scenes spontaan verdwenen. Ook geen nieuwe aan te maken (Melding: Mislukt. Probeer opnieuw) (v 4.5.1).

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Same here (Netherlands). VERY inconvenient for a paid service!

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My scenes have disappeared as well did anyone respond with a fix

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My scenes have also gone and does anyone one have a fix?

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Same to me, I had some scenes and now all deleted. Is possible to restore the scenes in any way? Or maybe create a file that could be saved exported and when shits like that happens reload to have immediately all the scenes created?

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Looks like another issue with version 4.4, all my scenes just disappeared, and I cannot re-create them. Help!
Hi, all of my Scenes have disappeared, this is so poor. All of them were quite important to me. Worse than that i cannot create new ones. I can create the scene with the device, but on the last bit it asks for a scene name... NO matter what i put in there it fails making it completely unusable. This is a step back i am afraid, not a going forward.

I ended up logging out and rebooting my iPhone. This didn't seem to restore them, however, when i checked back the next day there were present again.

This is not the first time this has happened to me and the previous time I had to rebuild the entire scene's from scratch.

Coupled with lack of daylight savings functionality, it is very frustrating for users when their automated system is down due to lack of support.

Would be good to see the ability to save scenes offline in case this happens. Simple restore to regain functionality and added benefit of being able to share pre-built scenes in the community.

Sonoff - get your act together - your not a $2 company and this is not acceptable!!!

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Everything is back again

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