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What is YoWhatsapp is it Safe?

- I am a regular user of whatsapp, I see my friends using other versions of whatsapp named YoWhatsApp. They have other features than my whatsapp!

- Is it safe to use YoWhatsApp?

YOWhatsapp is a modified version of Whatsapp and it is develop by an another develop but which script use in this YOWhatsapp is Whatsapp

Yes absolutely yoWhatsapp is safe to use and downloaded YOWhatsapp from official site and if using YOWhatsapp with different number which is already not use in Whatsapp.

I have read a full review about YOWhatsapp on gbapps if you want to know anything about YOWhatsapp you can check here:

Yeah, YOWhatsApp is really good app to use as the alternative to WhatsApp Official. I downloaded it from here; you can check it through this link

I think whatsapp plus is preferred and more secure. you can find it here: baixar whatsapp plus atualizado

No Sir, YoWhatsApp is not safe. all the whatsapp mods are not safe. So better don't use any third party whatsapp mods, like gbwhatsapp, yowhatsapp etc. Although you can make a secondary account to test those mods apps on your android device. Have a good day sir.

Regards: God_Yato

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