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4CHPROR3 DC motor setup

I have the new R3 version and I am trying to connect a 12V DC motor.  I am trying to  set it up like

I have the 12 VDC power supply going into the DC input, the motor is connected to COM on R1 and R2, with jumper connecting NO on  R1 and R2, and jumper connecting NC on R1 and R2.

It did not work.  I'm guessing it's because I didnt actually provide power to either relay.

Can I use one 12V power supply for both the Sonoff and relays?  Or do I need 2 power supplies?  Can I jumper from the DC power input to the relays?

I'm answering my own question.  Yes you can use the same power supply to power the Sonoff and DC Motor.  

great post

Did this end up working properly?

Do you know if Sonoff makes a 1 channel version that would work with a DC motor and DC power source? 4 channels seems like overkill for my project.

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