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BASIC Smart Switch will not connect


I just installed a BASIC WiFi Smart Switch.
I followed the set up instructions to the absolute letter and it still won't connect to my router.

I have it set to 2.4GHz as stated - I know this is the case because I have a TP-Link smart plug that only works with 2.4GHz and it connects, no problem.

I thought it may have been a distance from the router issue but I checked by bringing it closer and no luck.

I thought it may have been the unit but I opened the second one I purchased at the same time and it also will not connect.

What am I doing wrong?  How can I get it to connect to my network?!

Thanks in advance

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Hi I have two basic switches that worked fine but then I had to replace the router and now they will not connect but all if my other brand smart switches do an router is set 2.4ghz
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