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Convert RF Bridge into a zoned alarm

My suggestion to make some changes to the RF BRidge firmware so it can work much better as a basic residential alarm system.

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1) Have 2 different zones for alarm sensors. Zone A for 7x24 security sensors like gas, smoke, etc.  Zone B for intrussion detection sensors. This will allow to disable Zone B while you are at home, and "ARM"it when you leave the home alone.

2) Have the RF be managed itself with a 8 key remote control, for example button A and B could Arm/ Disarm Zone B, button "C" could turn trigger a silent panic alarm and buitton "D"trigger an audible panic alarm, other buttons could notify relatives or different public services (police, ambulance, firemen, etc)

3) Upon the activation of the different alarms, RF Bridge should notify the APP like it does today, but also  emit an RF signal. This RF code will allow to manage a siren or different actuators without the need to rely on wifi or internet connection, giving the system much more reliability and alternatives to current functionallity.

Regards, Mario. 

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