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zigbee hub

What device work with sonoff zigbee hub Why there are no more sonoff zigbee detectors gas water leak light detector

just to add please give us zigbee alarm speakers, light switches

The Zigbee range of products is really too small. Need to add products ASAP.

  1. PIR Sensor to Trigger product Zigbee Siren Alarm,  Sound Alert on SONOFF GK-200MP2-B WiFi IP Security Camera.
  2. Zigbee Smoke Detector 
  3. Zigbee Wall Switches
  4. Temperature and Humidity Sensor need Historical Data
  5. Set Zigbee to work during the event of no internet. 
  6. Let Google home see all ZIgbee devices like temperature and humidity sensor not really support.

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As ..Alan Liew mention sonoff need to interduce more zigbee 3 device.. i had 5 sonoff  tx series wifi wall switches.. now i move to zigbee type switches.. for easy control all device with different brand and i can control my hub in LAN mode. no internet no problem.

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