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Using a device in both the 'if' and 'then' parts of a scene

Hi everyone,

I wish to use the state of a switch in the 'if' part of a scene. For example:

IF: 'Bathroom Light OFF' and 'PIR Sensor is activated'

THEN: 'Bathroom light ON' then 'delay 30 seconds' then 'Bathroom light OFF'

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Pls update to the latest eWeLink APP, the smart scene has implemented the multi-conditions for the triggers.


The point is not the multi-conditions, but to be able to change the state of a device which is also used in the scene conditions.

Other examples:

IF "button LONG CLICK" AND "bed lamp ON",

THEN "bed lamp OFF"

IF "button LONG CLICK" AND "bed lamp OFF",

THEN "bed lamp ON"

Notice that on both examples the state of the device "bed lamp" is checked on the IF condition and it is changed afterwards on the THEN action part.

Today, if you add a device on the IF condition part, eWelink doesn't allow us to select the same device to change it's state on the THEN actions part.

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