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Will Sonoff Zigbee Basic switch extend Zigbee Range?

Dear all,

I have Zigbee wireless SNZB-01 Wireless switch which is sometimes working and sometimes not, because it is to far away from Zigbee hub

If i put Zigbe Basic Switch (connected to electricity) in the middle between hub and wifi switch, will it extend the range or not? 

I know how Zigbee devices are working in theory. In theory electric powered devices should extend the range-mesh, but it is happening in real life?

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Basic ZBR3  will it communicate with other BasicZBR3  ,

I have Sonoff zigbee bridge and want to control basicZBR3 which is 120meter far

ZBBridge ----> ZBR3 (40m)---->ZBR3(80m) ---->ZBR3(120m)----->ZBR(150)...... 

This setup is open air


Some graphs show this device working as repeater but I havent been able to make it happen. 

Do somebody know how verify if is it broadcasting?

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